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Taicang Schindeng Co.,Ltd.  is a professional company since 1999, which specializes in manufacturing, developing and selling Lighting products for kitchen, bathroom, furniture, display industry.

Our bright solutions cover bathrooms, kitchens, furniture, Display applications.

Schindeng offers high quality products at reasonable prices,with consistant prompt-responding services all the time.

Schindeng always pays close attention to customers' requirements and new products development. Our R&D team not only has rich practical lighting experience, but also can help our customers to develop high quality products with economic cost. A high efficient and energetic team has been overcoming all kinds of obstacles and delivering outstanding lighting solutiosn for our customers.

Taicang Schindeng Co., Ltd. (City Office & Showroom)

ADD: No.65 Xinhua East Road, Taicang 215400, Jiangsu, China


ADD: No.3 Xinyi East Road, Jinmei Furniture

Xintang Town, Taicang 215436, Jiangsu, China



Taicang Schindeng Co., Ltd.
ADD: No.65 Xinhua East Road, Taicang 215400, Jiangsu, China
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